Maharani Energy Healing
by Dunja

About Me

For most of my life I have dealt with the topic of healing.  After studying special education, I worked for 20 years with mentally ill, traumatized, mentally and physically handicapped children and young people.  I've also done a lot of research on autism.  I have always been interested in magical things and music in any form.  However, all of this was forgotten during my college years, working as a special education teacher, and raising my 3 wonderful daughters.  It was only when my children were older that I began to concern myself more with myself, my past, deep-seated beliefs, shadow issues, my own behavior patterns and emotional injuries.  I became aware that we are all connected, people never just meet by chance, there are souls, energies, beings and spiritual guides who accompany, guide and protect us in our lives.  So I embarked on my healing path and it was no coincidence that I came into contact with Reiki and my current Reiki master for the first time 6 years ago, at a time when I was not doing well emotionally.  After attending several sessions with her over a long period of time, I completed my 1st and 2nd Reiki degrees with her.  I was able to experience how Reiki energy contributed to my own healing from emotional injuries and dark sides.  Energy work still supports me on my ongoing healing path.  This was followed by training in sound therapy.  Music and sound have interested me since I was a little one and I am happy that I can now combine sound and healing.  I would like to support you to go your own way, to show the potential of change and thus help you to find more lightness and joy of life by learning to live from your true self and accompanying you on your journey of healing and energizing.




"I had a very deep Reiki session with Dunja, she uncovered many childhood memories and stuck energies in me. I woke up feeling rejuvenated and deeply inspired to work on my shadows and unfelt emotions. She also has the talent to see many signs and symbols during the session that connect with the healing journey. Overall it was a pleasure to get a session from Dunja. Her faith in the Divine and her integrity in the work she does is commendable." - Sri | Berlin, Germany

"Dear Dunja that was a fantastic session !!! I was feeling physically tired and mentally drained after a hectic three months of hard work, so I was greatly looking forward to a healing session with you I noticed my body immediately relax as you where working over me, I will never forget how the wind was blowing strongly every now and then changing the stories that where playing in my head during the session! Thank you deeply for this amazing experience and the beautiful sharing after the session !" - Elena | Corfu, Greek

"Dunja hat mir die Türen gezeigt, die ich öffnen kann, um endlich weiter in die Tiefe zu kommen. Ein wichtiger Schritt in einer sehr unsicheren Zeit.  Das hat uns im wahrsten Sinn des Wortes beide sehr bewegt. Mein Innerstes hat sich zurecht geschoben und mich auf dem weiteren Weg viel besser halten können. Danke 🙏und gerne bald wieder " - Julia | Essen, Germany

"Hey Dunja, danke nochmal für meine erste reiki-Session :) es war voll die krasse Erfahrung und ich konnte richtig gut loslassen und hab mich mega gut aufgehoben und sicher bei dir gefühlt. Auch was in der nachbesprechung bei rumkam war super interessant.. danke für diese tolle Zeit und bis bald hoffentlich :)" - Carla | Bochum, Germany

"Danke, liebe Dunja, für diese tolle Erfahrung. Du hast mich in eine Tiefenentspannung gebracht, die ich so noch nicht kannte. Gerade in der heutigen Zeit, ist es wichtig das der Energiefluss im eigenen Körper nicht gestört ist und ich glaube du hast mich da auf einen guten Weg gebracht. Ich werde bald wiederkommen 🙏🏽❤️" - Kristina | Essen, Germany

"Liebe Dunja - vielen Dank für diese zwei wichtigen Bausteine ... Schon jetzt ändert sich alles ! Die Erkenntnis reicht fast aus um plötzlich ganz andere Zeichen zu bekommen !! DANKE - Es hilft mir sehr ... Maya hat losgelassen nachdem ich sie darum bat und das andere erledigt sich gerade von selbst - da jetzt eine Zeit kommt die nur für mich bestimmt ist ! Somit sind dann bald beide Blockaden aufgehoben und es kann fließen ! 🙏🏾 Nochmals besten Dank und bis bald" - Daniel | Munich, Germany

"In the most painful and stressful times I find Peace and comfort in your Reiki! When my Mind is full of sorrows and anxiety you can calm me down , let my Energy Flow and relax my Body. Thank you that with you it always feels like Home 🙏🏻❤️" - Kristin | Berlin, Germany